I kind of fixed it

I mean, I completely fixed it, but the thing is cursed. I’ve completely fixed it around eleven thousand times because I can fly about 80% of one pack before breaking it again.

This last time, I think I’ve finally nailed down that it…the curse, at this point, is that it is so damn fun. It flies better than I can handle, pretty much.

When it was going together, I didn’t put any thought at all into weight, but at some point I picked up some new batteries which were just too heavy. This got me to put stuff on the scale and I was shocked to discover that with my normal batteries I was approaching 700 grams.

bpex drone weighing 614 grams
The bpex at 614 AUW

I revisited that aspect of my build and ended up knocking it down to 615 or so. It was surprisingly easy. Basically, I just re-selected the screws, went to low weight straps and a velcro lipo pad, and I ditched the TPU HD mount for a wedge. Oh, and I finally stopped screwing around with the AKK FX3 Ultimate DVR and am now running AKK X2 Ultimate, which is smaller, doesn’t have an entire DVR that I never use on it, and doesn’t take screws, so I was able to replace all of that mounting hardware with tape or zip ties.

I’m also running a proper antenna mount for the time being…I ordered them as 3d prints and I selected a dumb material, so they break pretty easily. I think I am going to have a post on that soon because I’ve ordered a few things from this company now and I like them.

Here the thing is at the tree spot.