This is getting frustrating

I did something to my VTX and it has turned the BPEX into a motor destroying machine. I am really not sure what I have done but it feels as though the VTX won’t go above 200 mW, despite reporting otherwise. You can’t really tell this until its too late. It works fine up to a sudden point, where it then works a lot less fine when you turn around, presenting obvious challenges. Basically once you get beyond a distance that you could reasonably define as your yard, that’s the distance. For better or worse, this has been manifesting itself on my Y axis.

I don’t usually worry much about EMI because I don’t currently have any real issues with my video, in general. I’m not doing long range, and I don’t have any spots that are super challenging for RF so if I crank up a freestyle-oriented VTX, even on an OEM Fat Shark diversity module, it’s pretty fine. JZBL’s video is pretty phenomenal in my book and the BPEX has the same VTX installed in the same way. In trying to solve this, I’ve ended up with what should be a super clean build. I’ve even moved my cap up to the nose, which I’ll probably be doing from here on out. All my leads are twisted. Everything is that right distance between too short and too long. It just doesn’t work, though.

At this point, I think it is physically damaged. It came out of another quad and I was pretty damn sure that it was fine, but something isn’t right and now that I’ve lost my third motor in a row to this stupid issue, hopefully replacing it will finally solve it. Perhaps it has a fleck of solder stuck in it somewhere.

That said, holy crap what an annoyance this has been. When the BPEX first went together, it was like…magical. All of the electronics Just Worked straight away, no issues. It went through some arms on the first frame I chose, survived all of that. Got frame swapped, was fine, but had an issue where the stack was too tall. I took it apart to address this and since then it has never been the same and in fact has been such a horrible little turd that it’s almost an entirely new, pretty damn nice 5″ now, and in no way a beater. And it still doesn’t work!

New motors should be here soon. The mf of all of this is that I have another VTX sitting right here already. I really hope this is the last time I have to do this for a while. I was really excited about this current build…I finally made the move to 6S and was trying out 2207s for the first time. The thing flew fucking amazing for 3 minutes until I dropped it 50 ft into asphalt. I’m really ready to give BetaFlight 4.3 a proper go.

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