Hot damn

I blew up an ESC the last time I took the BPEX out and decided that it was time to go ahead and give it a proper stack. BPEX was built out of parts I’ve taken off other builds and which weren’t likely to see use again if I didn’t create a beater build. Thus, the BPEX was born. It was conceived of as a quad that I wouldn’t mind flying directly into a volcano.

It was fun as hell in that capacity! I gave it sort of an I-think-this-ought-to-work style tune while it was still on the bench. I essentially just gave it Rosser’s base tune for clean builds and pushed my sliders around until the PIDs were pretty close to how I’d probably have set them manually, which wasn’t really very far off from the defaults, and had a really good result with that. Can we say “BI-DI-REC-TION-AL D-SHOT”? Because that was that star of that show.

I’d simultaneously been working pretty hard at matching up Velocidrone and JZBL’s feel, which meant that I had some rates I was pretty happy with to throw on there, and all in all, from the first time it was armed it has been ready to go. It’s been such a fun quad.

I assumed that I would end up replacing the FC in the BPEX well before I did in JZBL and that turned out to be true. The plan has been, since it’s ok if the BPEX goes in the volcano, while it exists it’ll be my test platform, and then what works from it can move over to JZBL, which is my tested platform. In turn, this meant that I’d be testing BetaFlight 4.3 there before flashing it to JZBL.

When the ESC blew up and I was shopping for a new one, I figured it’d be good to go ahead and get a whole stack because the Apex frame is pretty slammed and the 30×30-20×20 adapter I was using for the FC, which had come out of a micro Apex, just barely fit. Lo and behold, Diatone’s out here with a dual gyro H7 FC with a 24-128K ByRPM BL32 ESC for like seven dollars. Ok. Test platform? Let’s mf test.

I’m having some issues with the VTX and the weather, so I’ve only been able to put about 3 packs through it so far but holy crap. I really mean it when I say BetaFlight 4.3 is a whole new thing. That quad went from “better than it should be” to “jfc dude” in a snap. I gave it essentially the exact same tune – Rosser’s recommended defaults, sprinkled with Bardwell and slightly tweaked to my preference.

I can’t wait to have some video to share from it but for now, I’ll have to leave you with this slowed roll from Jez:

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